Defining a new era of self health monitoring

Rafael Michali


Renato Circi


The first runner to beat the 4-minute mile, Roger Bannister, was seen as doing the impossible, now those times are hit regularly. In part, it’s about mental attitude, but a significant component is about knowledge and using it to redefine new finish lines.


Caura was founded with the idea of redefining the way we interact with our health. Deep knowledge about our bodies should not come with long lines, long wait times and unpredictable costs. Looking after our wellbeing should be easy and effortless. Even beyond the world of sports, looking at how exercise, diet and lifestyle affect our bodies at our deepest level can reshape the way we live our lives.  


We believe we’re entering a new era of self-health monitoring. Wearable technologies will transition from simple recreational devices to life-changing tools.

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